Abernathy Cullen


5’4 brown hair, green eyes, medium slim build. Scars going from shoulder down to waist on her back.

Never seems to sleep, and seem to be full bodied into what ever emotion is presently being felt. Cunning and wry with a value on utility and focus.

Abernathy is always well prepared and seems to land on her feet no matter how close a call.


Abernathy has been on the outskirts of society for about seven years now. Her infamous willfullness saved and damned her all in one moment. Now, hunted by those who hold a grudge and in debt to the criminals she had to turn to for help, Abernathy is constantly having to look over her shoulder.

A nature survivalist out of necessity, she excels in survival and scouting, but puts herself in unnecessary danger, and often close-calls, to experience soceity again.

As an involuntary expatriot, Abernathy has spent her last seven years exploring other worlds and cultures. She is particularly fond of the Amarans and Anzatis as her exuberance and thriftiness amuse them. Abernathy has been known to paint herself blue in attempts to pass as a Chiss when forced to go to planets near her home Corellia.

Abernathy Cullen

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