Aldus Burroughs


Name: Aldus Burroughs

Species: Rodian

Home (Planet, colony, station): Rodia

Role (What do you do? E.g. pilot, soldier, hacker, grifter, etc.): Medic

Career (Actual game mechanics career): Colonist; Doctor

Relationships (Family? Mentors? Lovers? Friends?): Estranged Brother-Gregory, The
Organization Doctor-Mentor-Emanuel Saint James

How you came to join the organization: Contacts I made in Pre-med at the university on Rodia, through them I found a way to get out of the stale life I was feeling trapped in and find a life of travel and adventure.

Thoughts on the government (The Empire and its fall, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, etc.): No real allegiances.

Thoughts on the Force (Do you consider it at all? Is it real? Does it guide you?): I don’t disregard the force, Emanuel my mentor believed and we used to discuss it from time to time.

Something you love/enjoy: Meeting new people, HAHAHAHAHA

Something you hate/dread/fear: The dark void of nothingness, the hungry hands of the abyss reaching out and dragging me into nonexistence.

Individual Obligation (Please see the core book for more information on Obligations): Addiction-10%, Blackmail-5%

Anything else we should know: Nothing I would like to share…

Details of a single higher ranking member of the organization: Emanuel Saint James, he once told me that that’s not the name he was born with. He’s a human doctor for the Organization and from time to time will take on an apprentice for a year to teach them skills that will serve them on a mercenary crew.


Aldus Burroughs

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