6’1 brown hair. Likes to take the form of a “normal” human most of the time. Dresses like a “hipster”. brown leather fur coat, sunglasses and clothing with random “armor” plates on it.

Always has his data pad, (FRAG) on him. Has random pockets in his coat with tools along with random scrap. Does not seem to be well armed, or armed at all.


Teyga is all about tech. He will get lost for hours on the “dark net” looking for new hacks and tools. He is kind of dead pan in his delivery of things, but can pull off social engineering like a pro. He will not be the first to violence and for the most part, wont take part in it. his skills are better used with a data jack and his brain.

He tends to talk down to people who are not on his level with tech which most find annoying, and infuriating, when he is explaining anything. When he’s not hooked into his data pad, he is trying to install some new mod on the ship.

Social interaction for the sake of social interaction are confusing to him.


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