Background Questionnaire

Below is the background questionnaire. I expect an answer to all of the questions.  Wookieepedia may be a helpful resource for some of the questions, and as always you're welcome to ask me for guidance. Some of these questions may require a working knowledge of Edge of the Empire mechanics, I've linked the book to most of you, but we can always talk it out as well.



Home (Planet, colony, station):

Role (What do you do? E.g. pilot, soldier, hacker, grifter, etc.):

Career (Actual game mechanics career):

Relationships (Family? Mentors? Lovers? Friends?):

How you came to join the organization:

Thoughts on the government (The Empire and its fall, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, etc.):

Thoughts on the Force (Do you consider it at all? Is it real? Does it guide you?):

Something you love/enjoy:

Something you hate/dread/fear:

Individual Obligation (Please see the core book for more information on Obligations):

Anything else we should know:

Details of a single higher ranking member of the organization:

Background Questionnaire

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