Edge of the Empire has careers that are somewhat like classes. Each career has career skills, some of which you get for free, the rest at a reduced cost. Each contains further specializations from there, which offer new skills and abilities. While building your character, I want you to have these broad characterizations in mind.

Bounty Hunter – Combatants, pilots, and infiltrators. A jack of all trades.
Career Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise, Vigilance
Specializations: Assassin, Gadgeteer, Survivalist, Martial Artist, Operator, Skip Tracer

Colonist – Intellectuals and diplomats. Make excellent supports.
Career Skills: Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Negotiation, Streetwise
Specializations: Doctor, Politico, Scholar, Entrepreneur, Marshal, Performer

Explorer - Pilots, intellectuals, and diplomats. Good at managing new and difficult situations.
Career Skills: Astrogation, Cool, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Piloting (Space), Survival
Specializations: Fringer, Scout, Trader, Archaeologist, Big-Game Hunter, Driver

Hired Gun – Combatants. The best fighters on all worlds.
Career Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Discipline, Melee, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Light), Resilience
Specializations: Bodyguard, Marauder, Mercenary Soldier, Demolitionist, Enforcer, Heavy

Smuggler – Pilots, infiltrators, and diplomats. Good at getting into and out of trouble.
Career Skills: Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Piloting (Space), Skullduggery, Streetwise, Vigilance
Specializations: Pilot, Scoundrel, Thief, Charmer, Gambler, Gunslinger

Technician – Intellectuals. Excellent with technology of all kinds.
Career Skills: Astrogation, Computers, Coordination, Discipline, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Mechanics, Perceptions, Piloting (Planetary)
Specializations: Mechanic, Outlaw Tech, Slicer, Cyber Tech, Droid Tech, Modder


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