Game Concept

This game will play out like a collection of short stories, as opposed to a single over-arching plot thread. There may be plot or character threads that span multiple stories, but they're not likely to consistently be the focus.

The game will take place following Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. You will be members of an organization who stepped in to fill the void of power left by the fall of the Empire. You act as "bounty hunters", but the bounties are more like requests by the organization's constituents. The more the person posting the bounty pays, the higher priority the job gets. You will be a relatively new squad, and the game will start with you already on your first official job as a group. You will be tasked with locating and retrieving a person of interest to the Banking Guild. From there you'll be able to choose from a list of job options each time you finish a job. It will be up to the group to determine where your morals lie, do you take the assassination job? The search and rescue? Under what circumstances? Its all up to you. Your group will have a ship available to you at game start as well.

Some stuff you will need to decide as a group during character creation:
The name of your organization.
The name of your squad (if you have one).
The type and name of your ship.
Group Obligation.

Some stuff you will need to decide individually during character creation:
All of your character details (name, species, job, background, etc.)
You will each create and design a single higher ranking member of your organization.

Game Concept

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