Name: Seras Visz

Species: Mirialan

Home (Planet, colony, station): Nar Shaddaa

Role (What do you do? E.g. pilot, soldier, hacker, grifter, etc.): Pilot

Career (Actual game mechanics career): Bounty Hunter

Relationships (Family? Mentors? Lovers? Friends?):

I know very little about my family or it's history apart from an infamous ancestor of mine. After gaining access to Mirialan historical records, I am determined to restore my family's name to it's former glory. I became interested in said family history after my father, Direath, had begun to use this knowledge for any personal short term gain he could and used his own damn heritage as leverage for favors with anyone who'd listen. I was dragged around with him on his mission to drag our- no… my name down into the murky muds of galactic history. One of the many deals he never held his end up on finally came back around and bit him just after my 13th. Finally free, and equipped with the only survival tools I knew, I begun my journey into becoming a Bounty Hunter.

I know nothing of my mother, not even a picture.

Last but most definitely not least, is my faithful companion of several years Cas. With a full black coat Cas is a fiercely loyal anooba who has been at my side since our chance meeting during a job; possibly accidently assisting me in capturing my first bounty.

How you came to join the organization:

After proving myself a capable bounty hunter within the organization, I was able to convince my contact Valad DeMarakesh for a loan from the organization for a starship.

Thoughts on the government (The Empire and its fall, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, etc.): 

Interested in Old Republic history, but otherwise indifferent to current regimes …unless they're offering some reputation and credits.

Thoughts on the Force (Do you consider it at all? Is it real? Does it guide you?): Although I've never personally witnessed the force in any demonstrated way, it's comforting to think it works through you and others and guides you. I believe in my heart that my encounter with Cas was willed by the force and my innate piloting skill partially at least due to the force as well.

Something you love/enjoy:

Nothing beats the feeling of flying, the controls in your hand, the entire galaxy ahead of you. And anooba snuggles.

Something you hate/dread/fear: As the last known living member of my family, obscurity or worse… disdain within the pages of galactic history.

Individual Obligation (Please see the core book for more information on Obligations): Debt to the organization for our ship.

Anything else we should know:

Details of a single higher ranking member of the organization:

Valad DeMarakesh, Seras' bounty contact within the organization.



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