Name:This unit is designated BX 105

Species: BX series Commando droid. Late production run by Bactoid Combat Automata

Home (Planet, colony, station): Geonosis. Current place that is "home:" The Twilight Drifter.

Role: Hired gun. Repurposed as a personal security droid, sometime after the Clone Wars.

Primary role: soldier, close combat

Career: Hired gun

Relationships (Family? Mentors? Lovers? Friends?): Many former comrades have been lost or captured. This unit had a dangerous line of work where this unit earned many enemies. It is not certain that the previous crew of the Platinum Magnolia survived or escaped imprisonment. Daiea Sonoto Is a newer friend of this unit, though it is hard to tell if that is her job to maintain rapport with her recruits.

How you came to join the organization: This unit was being apprehended by some bounty hunters when some freelancers including Daiea Sonoto who works for The Guild intercepted this unit. They decided to introduce this unit to the bankers guild. A mutually beneficial business relationship was formed.

Thoughts on the government (The Empire and its fall, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, etc.):  This unit is pro Rebellion, having served in the rebellion this unit has personally lost much to the Empire.

Thoughts on the Force (Do you consider it at all? Is it real? Does it guide you?): this unit has a respect for those who revere the force. As a droid it is an admittedly foreign concept to this unit.

Something you love/enjoy: combat. Protecting friends. Comradery.

Something you hate/dread/fear: being wiped, Identity is important to this unit.

Obligation: This unit is being pursued by bounty hunters funded by the remnants of the empire for my hand in standing against them.

Anything else we should know:

Details of a single higher ranking member of the organization: Daiea Sonoto, Togruta Field Recruitment Officer.


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