Name: Teyga 


Home (Planet, colony, station):

From Station BLAC ( Binary, Logical, Advanced Communication) That orbits Planet Ryloth. The station specializes in information farming and brokering.

Role (What do you do? E.g. pilot, soldier, hacker, grifter, etc.):

I worked in the tech wing of the station. I did data and communication surveillance/system hacking. I also worked on flight systems for ships and the station itself.

Career (Actual game mechanics career):


Relationships (Family? Mentors? Lovers? Friends?):

I don't have any family. From what I remember I was born on the station, but my mother did not survive my birth. My father went on to fight in the rebellion, but died in the first Death Star battle. I was mentored by a Dug named Gelton. He taught me how to hack my first system at age seven. He showed me that you don't need a blaster to be powerful, just a data jack and a computer. There was a few families on the station and I became good friends with a Twi'lek named Barocus. He grew up to be more the solder type. Last I heard he was a hired gun on Tatoonie. I check in on him digitally every once in a while.


How you came to join the organization:


I joined __________ about a year ago. I was on the run fom the empire for impersonating an officer and stealing information on a new type of capital class ship code named: Retribution. I hoped to sell this information to get my own ship, but failed in doing so. This organization was looking for a skilled tech like myself and it would be an easy way to hide from the Empire. Little did I know that the Empire would fall "shortly" after.

Thoughts on the government (The Empire and its fall, the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, etc.):

When I heard that the Empire had fallen I was overjoyed. My father had died fighting them and I hated them for that.

The Rebels did not accept me into their ranks because of where I came form. I could of done some real good for them.

We will see what this "New Republic" does. My bet is they are no better than the Empire in the end.

Thoughts on the Force (Do you consider it at all? Is it real? Does it guide you?):

I can't steal your data with the force so it's no good to me.

Something you love/enjoy:

I love messing around with ships in my spare time. I like diving into them and see what makes them tick. I then take that information and try to make them tik even bigger and better. Give me enough time I could pilot anything, or make it pilot itself.

Something you hate/dread/fear:

I hated the Empire more than anything, but that's no longer a problem. I now worry about anything messing with my brain. It's the best tool I own and if I were to lose my ability to operate tech I would die.

Anything else we should know:

I really try to get along with people, but they always seem to get annoyed with me. i'm always told I lack empathy and I'm a little "matter of fact" when it comes to technology.

Details of a single higher ranking member of the organization:

I have been working closely with  a re-purposed Protocol droid named RAT-02. He is in charge of Information security for ________ The things RAT has taught me are invaluable when it comes to computer systems. I also look at his as my only "Rival"  in this organization when it comes to slicing. 

Individual Obligation (Please see the core book for more information on Obligations):

I owe a pretty hefty debt to the Intergalactic Banking Clan. I owe them money for a botched job I did for them. you see. I was hired to steal data from an old Imperial data center on Coruscant. This was a huge job with an amazing payout. This was going to set me up for life. I had a transport set up from Nar'Shadar the following morning and all my gear ready. I decided I was going to celebrate. One thing lead to another and I missed my Transport off world… Good thing i'm a genius. I was able to realign not one, but seven stoplight arrays giving me remote access to the data center. 

I got 1/3 of the data transferred before the connection was lost… The data centers security measures kicked in and the exploit was fixed and all data was transferred and erased. I have no idea what caused the connection to terminally fail, but i'm pretty sure the data was beamed out into space never to be seen again.

The Banking Clan decided that I owed them the amount they were going to pay me for the job. Now I have been making payments to them, but they are not amused by the amounts i'm depositing. They put the bounty on my head to keep me motivated, but it's only a matter of time before this gets escalated. As of right now, I have done a good job keeping them off my trail and I plan on keeping it that way.  Some people have asked me if it was worth it. My response is…It was twins…


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