BX [][][]


BX [][][] is a type 4 droid specifically a BX series commando droid. He has been customised with more robust parts from other droid models including enhanced hands and reinforced chassis. His body is nimble utilizing many gyroscopic joints. His frame shows wear of possibly decades of abuse. There is remnants of blaster resistant chrome plating that shows through scratches and blaster singes above the generally grey plasteel components of his figure. He wears a dusty grey cloak and utility belt.


BX [][][] was a crewmember of the Platinum Magnolia. They are reputed as a crew that recovered some stealth drives for the rebellion and installed one themselves.

The Empire placed a bounty on the Platinum Magnolia and it’s crew, for the technology they retrieved.

Eventually the Platinum Magnolia was gunned down during a mission on Ryloth. BX [][][] took a critical injury to his data brain, leading to a few long term quirks that have, so far, not been catastrophic.

When BX [][][]’s systems recovered he found himself in a pile of scrap left by the Platinum Magnolia, but the majority of the ship and crew were gone.

BX [][][] acclimated himself to the local society and made a living on Ryloth offering his services as a personal security droid, which proved lucrative during the trying times for Ryloth.

BX [][][] became well equipped but gained notoriety and after many years (15ish) and the fall of the Empire and local rebellions, he was Identified as the droid crewmember of the Platinum Magnolia who was presumed dead.

During a melee with some bounty hunters some strangers stepped in and helped BX [][][] escape. One of those strangers was Daiea Sonoto, a recruiter for the Bankers Guild. She offered BX [][][] a job, being impressed with how he handled himself despite being outnumbered.

She introduced BX [][][] to the crew of the Twilight Drifter, who he still works with today.

BX [][][]

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