Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

Delta Station


The crew of the Twilight Drifter managed to successfully liberate Dakrem Vo'kun from his imprisonment among the Imperial Remnant on Lubang Minor. In the process Vexen was killed by Creelo Bonolo a renowned Rodian bounty hunter, and Shakar'ri was badly injured by a Storm Trooper . After speaking with Dakrem and Dul, the representative from the Banking Clan, the crew decided to fake Dakrem's death, and keep him on as a crewman with the promise of future riches. The Twilight Drifter is headed back to The Corporation to deliver Dakrem's datapad to the Banking Clan, and still get paid for the job.

The crew's next job will be to investigate the Delta Station, a mining and research station operated by the Downstar Company. The station is located near the Bakura System, in Wild Space. Delta station went dark for a half cycle, so a recovery team was sent in. The recovery team has now also missed a status check. The crew has been contracted to go in, identify the source of the outage, located any survivors, and recover any valuable research or materials.


DesiesLonewolf DesiesLonewolf

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